Why is YNAB the best Budgeting App for Australians?


There are a few different budgeting apps that you could use in Australia, however YNAB is the only one with an almost fanatical following, and for good reasons!

  • YNAB helps people completely turn around their finances and meet their goals whether it's paying down debt, saving for a house deposit, a new car, a new arrival or a holiday, it's positively soothing to know that you're on track each day, week, month and year to achieve your financial goals.
  • YNAB offers a huge amount of training material to teach you how to manage your money and get ahead
  • On average, new budgeters using YNAB save $600 by month two and more than $6,000 their first year
  • YNAB is not set and forget - you will learn how to make your money work for you so you can reach your goals

What do people say about YNAB?

Some quotes from the YNAB Fans facebook group:

“I used to roll my eyes when people said YNAB changed their life, but... here we are. Over $9k of debt paid off in just 7 months.”

“🏆 In the past year I have paid off over $20,000 in debt and paid off 5 credit cards completely!!!  

🏆 This week we are putting in granite kitchen counters, something my wife has wanted for 5 years.  

🏆 We went on a vacation that we paid for in cash for the first time in our 15 year marriage 

🏆 We had Christmas completely paid for/saved for before we got to December  

🏆 I am taking my wife on a surprise 5-day getaway and have wanted to do something like this for 15 years.  

How did I do this? YNAB!!! This thing has revolutionized my life...and honestly, it has saved my marriage.”

Does YNAB work in Australia?

You can already use YNAB in Australia, but up until now you had to enter all your transactions manually. With Budget Feeder your transactions can be synced automatically from your Australian Bank accounts to your budgets, saving you from having to type in all your transactions manually.

Let Budget Feeder help you on your YNAB journey!


Sync Australian Banks

Over 150 Australian banks and credit cards are supported.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Keep your transactions up to date so you don't over spend your categories!

Works with YNAB

Sync transactions seamlessly in to your YNAB. No need to enter transactions manually. 

Which Banks do you Support?

We support over 150 banks and credit cards, including AMEX, ANZ, Westpac, CBA and NAB. For a full list of supported banks please click here.