Sync Australian Banks

Around 150 Australian banks and credit cards are supported.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Keep your transactions up to date so you don't over spend your categories!

Works with YNAB

Sync transactions seamlessly in to your YNAB. No need to enter transactions manually. 

Which Banks do you Support?

We support around 150 banks and credit cards, including AMEX, ANZ, Westpac, CBA and NAB. For a full list of supported banks please click here.

What our customers say

"So glad to have signed up for your product - Budget Feeder has saved me at least an hour a week!" – Justin F

"My husband and I have been using YNAB to manage our finances for a few years now. We recently subscribed to Budget Feeder and have been very impressed with the time saved each month. This product has turned a dreaded chore into a fast, efficient pleasure" – Armina Ray

"Budget Feeder is the best Australian bank sync app I've tried so far. I've been waiting for this service since I moved to Australia. YNAB left a gap (for international customers) and Budget Feeder has closed that gap. Tired of downloading statements? Then budget feeder is your best bet. Nothing else compares, I know cause I've tried every option out there." – Nurudeen